Denver Pest Control Services

We offer residential and commercial services to treat a variety of insects including: ants, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, wasps, and more.

Animal & Wildlife Removal

Let us handle all your animal control & wildlife removal for you. We offer services from rodent control to wildlife trapping & removal.

Animal Damage Repair Services

Don’t let animal damage get you down. Our trustworthy team can repair animal entry points to protect against future encounters.


Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control can be relied upon in your home, yard and neighborhood. Previously owned by Hugh Whitmore, Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control has been serving the Denver area since 2008. Now owned and operated by the Christner family, Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control continues to offer excellent services that give you peace of mind.

As owner/operators we are able to give you personalized and professional pest control services. Our #1 goal is to free your home and property of unwanted invaders and to limit future encounters. We accomplish this through our Multi-Point Pest Control Method. Our experts locate the problem, remove the pest, and work to prevent pest re-entry. You can be assured that our experts are prepared to offer a variety of services to match your individual needs and will work tirelessly to bring solution to your situation.