Snake Control


Though most snakes native to Colorado are not poisonous, we do have rattlesnakes throughout the region. If bitten, please seek medical attention immediately.

Infestations of non-venomous snakes may not be dangerous but they can still be unsettling. Garter and bull snakes may make a home in your garden, bushes, and even under your patio. Cracks in the foundation or compromised garage door seals may give snakes access into your home.

Whitmore Pest Control technicians are able to remove snakes and offer options to protect against future intrusions. We encourage maintaining rodent and insect populations to detour snakes, and can remove bushes, fill holes, and repair cracks to discourage snake presence.

What our customers are saying:

“Excellent and honest.

I would highly recommend Whitmore Pest Control for any Pest control services. We used them for snake removal and spraying for bugs. They did an excellent job and were very professional and called at one month to check on the status and when they heard we had seen a couple bugs they came out within the next couple days and sprayed problems areas again. I found them to be very honest and capable. They are very impressive and I will continue to use them for all my pest control needs.”

-Laurie K. of Highlands Ranch, CO

“Excellent response & service

I had a couple of issues: one was squirrels scratching under roof tiles. Past experience with [other] pest control company was trapping. Whitmore had a suggestion to keep them out from under the tile which seems to be working. The other issue was garter snakes getting in basement. Inside & outside was checked for entry and 4 possible locations were patched. Again, so far so good. Definitely will contact if any future issues with unwanted critters. They are professional, proactive, and great service was provided.”

-Lannie N. of Littleton, CO

“Snake issue

Marvin with Whitmore pest control was superb…he was very knowledgeable and took a genuine, vested interest in my issue.
I would recommend him to anyone that has a pest problem!”

-Todd of Littleton, CO

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