Nuisance wildlife can cause damage to your home and property. Rats, mice, squirrels, and raccoons typically cause structural and cosmetic damage when they enter your home. Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control has the skill and experience to identify animal entry points and restore the damaged areas. We take special pride in cosmetically appropriate and structurally sound repairs.


When wildlife choose your attic for a home, they often construct nests, deposit feces, and damage insulation. This can leave your home vulnerable to hosting diseases and compromise its structural integrity.

Common points of entry include vents and soffit areas. However, animals are experts at exploiting any weak areas along the exterior of your home and roof. These entry points may lead to roof leaks and damaged drywall if they are not addressed.

Animal activity in the attic often affects part or all of the existing insulation. Trails and nesting areas in the attic mat down the insulation and animals may tear or move insulation for use in their nests. This often lowers the R-Value of your insulation. In addition, animal feces and urine may degrade the air quality in your attic.

Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control is able to professionally repair the wildlife damage in your attic. We can remove the affected insulation along with the nests and feces – disinfecting the area for further protection. We are also able to restore the insulation to its original R-value.

A pile of bat guano between two attic joists

Upon inspection, our technician found this attic & its insulation littered with bat guano.

An attic with batted insulation that is littered with bat and rodent droppings

Our technician also noted that the batted insulation did not meet recommended R-Values.

Pink, blown attic insulation that is new and smooth in attic

We were able to remove the guano and restore the attic with fresh blown insulation.


Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control technicians have the knowledge and experience to offer quality animal damage repair services. They will tailor our repair and restoration services to be appropriate for your individual situation. Whether it is a deck, patio, shed, or home in need of animal exclusion, Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control technicians will work to create a seamless transition between the preexisting material and those used in repair. Our repairs offer a permanent solution, which is why we offer a guarantee that no animal will re-enter at the point of repair.