Tree squirrel sitting on a tree limb eating a peanut

Squirrels are a very prevalent sight in backyards and neighborhood parks. The most commonly recognized squirrels in the Denver Metro area are tree squirrels. They are typically gray or brown with orange or white colored underbellies and have large bushy tails. The tree squirrel population can grow rapidly as females are able to have multiple litters each year. Squirrel control may be necessary in areas where the population is thriving and squirrels become a nuisance. They may damage trees and plants in your yard, thieve from bird feeders, and search your home for entry points.


As their name suggests, Tree Squirrels live and play in trees. They may cause damage to trees by girdling the fresh growth and chewing on the bark in search of nutrients (or to trim their ever-growing incisors). In some cases, it may be helpful to offer an alternate source of food or minerals to discourage the negative feeding patterns. When these measures do not provide adequate relief, it may be time for professional assistance with exclusion and/or removal of the nuisance squirrels.

Six squirrels captured in cage traps


Hole in Fascia that was Chewed by a Squirrel

Tree Squirrels may use your rooftop as an extended playground – especially when tree branches extend over the roof line – and have been known to nest in attics and wall cavities. They may take advantage of rotting wood or chew through vents to create a point of entry. Once inside squirrels often disturb attic insulation to create a nesting area. This can cause efficiency gaps due to the insulation be compacted and/or bare in some areas. In addition to damaging your insulation, squirrels may chew on wiring and other structures inside the attic space.


Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control technicians have the knowledge and expertise to locate squirrel entry points and are prepared to offer service that meets your individual need. We offer squirrel trapping and removal, clean up, and damage repair services. Visit our Animal Damage Repair page for more information regarding our attic restoration and squirrel exclusion services.

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