Supplies for Cleaning and Disinfecting after Pests, Rodents or Wildlife

Many business owners and homeowners find themselves left with unwanted dirt and contamination after a pest intrusion. Often pest control providers will assist with the mitigation of the pest concern, but do not follow through with cleaning or disinfecting services. This leaves residents to do the clean up themselves – often without appropriate personal protective equipment.

Stop putting yourself or your employees at risk and have a trained professional provide ALL of the services you need. Our team can assist with cleaning/disinfecting services related to rodents, wildlife or diseases (i.e. novel coronavirus, hantavirus, etc)


Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control employs certified professionals who have the knowledge and skills to properly disinfect and clean every property, business and household in the Denver Metro area.  We have the equipment, products and personnel to safely treat your household and business against pests, wildlife and a variety of disease (i.e. novel coronavirus, hantavirus etc). Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control has been protecting Colorado homes and businesses for over a decade.


Whitmore Pest and Wildlife Control Inc., as a “essential service” defined by the federal government, is now offering cleaning and disinfecting services for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Current evidence suggests that novel coronavirus may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces. According to the CDC, cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.

Quality pest control services combined with cleaning/disinfecting services are essential for a complete protection plan for households and businesses alike. Cleaning has been proven to improve the overall health of residents and minimize the spread of illness. Below are several diseases that can be transmitted by pests where risks can be lowered with a combination of pest control and cleaning services: 

  • Rabies can be transmitted to the bite and/or saliva of an infected animal. While true that antibodies and vaccines exist to treat this disease, the treatment is painful, costly and a time-consuming endeavor.
  • Ebola Virus is spread by the body fluid, blood or infected tissue of people or animals. Known strains vary in their severity.
  • Hantavirus is contracted from exposure to the droppings of infected field mice. Hantavirus first gained attention in 1993 when a healthy young man and his fiancée died within days developing shortness of breath.  This couple lived in the Four Corners area, right here in the United States
  • Influenza can be transmitted by animals and in any given typical flu season between 30-50 million people will be affected worldwide. 
  • Dengue Virus is currently an endemic throughout tropical and subtropical regions. It is thought that mosquitoes will spread to other regions.
  • West Nile Virus is a member of the family Flaviviridae, which is the genus Flavivirus, which also contains the Zika Virus, Dengue Virus, and Yellow Fever Virus.  West Nile Virus is primarily transmitted by mosquitoes.  West Nile Virus is not a top 12 deadliest killer worldwide BUT IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF MOSQUITO-BORNE DISEASE IN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.
  • Rotavirus is the most common cause of diarrheal disease among infants and young children.  Nearly EVERY CHILD in the world is infected with a rotavirus at least once by 5 years old.
  • SARS-CoV-2 belongs to the same large family of viruses known as Coronavirus. The virus likely originated in bats and passed through an intermediary animal before infecting people.


Instead we want to reduce the number of people who may need to seek medical services providing essential insect, rodent & wildlife services to protect public health and the nation’s food supply. Please follow the advice from the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control


When wildlife have invaded the main living space of a residence and contaminated surfaces with urine and feces, cleaning is typically necessary in conjunction with a disinfectant application. Larger wildlife may leave specific areas of contamination surrounding a food or water sources inside the home while rodents will often litter droppings throughout the living space in closets, pantries, and behind furniture. Without proper equipment, clean up of feces can release contaminates in the air and present a risk to residents.

Our various cleaning and disinfecting packages can meet your individual needs.


Pricing Subject to Inspection

Our deep clean services includes clean up of droppings and/or insects in the main living space of homes or interior of businesses, wipe down of visibly contaminated surfaces, and liquid disinfectant application.

NOTE: Ask about our pre and post flu season deep cleans.


Starting at $425

This package focuses on wiping down high touch surfaces such as tables, chairs, remotes, cabinet doors, counters, push plates/knobs, light switches, toilet handles/lids and sinks in conjunction with a liquid disinfectant application to high touch surfaces. 

NOTE: Ideal for concerns related to disease transmission


Starting at $165

If you prefer to do the cleaning yourself, we can follow up with a liquid disinfectant application to your hard/semi-porous surfaces. Common areas would include door handles/push plates, light switches, counters, handrails, trash cans but application areas will vary based on the pest or disease concern.


Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control cannot warranty any cleaning or disinfecting service due to the unpredictability of any given environment. Surfaces can be re-contaminated upon re-entry. Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control does not claim to prevent illness or eliminate disease transmission through the cleaning and disinfecting services provided.