Did you know that spiders can survive most Colorado winters? While they are less active during the cold and snowy days, they will venture out of their cracks and crevices to scavenge during periods of milder weather. And of course house spiders can continue to thrive no matter the season so don’t forget to protect your home even when its cold outside.


Black Widows will often overwinter in voids behind siding, in window wells, or in crevices along rock beds and patios that are adjacent to structures. They will also enter into homes and prefer to live in crawlspaces or dark corners of basements. Therefore, it is important to check before reaching into dark, undisturbed corners to avoid a deadly bite.

Wolf Spiders will also hid in voids along the exterior of homes and businesses. They particularly like wood piles, rock walls and rock beds that provide protection from the elements. They are often transported indoors during the winter months when homeowners bring in firewood from outside, but may also venture inside to hunt for insects or scavenge for water.

General house spiders are often found in the corners of storage rooms and cellars that are typically undisturbed. However, they can also be found in bathtubs, sinks and other damp areas where water is readily available.


Vacuum Cleaner

1. Cultural Control for Spiders

One of the easiest ways to control spider populations during the winter months involves regularly cleaning the nooks and crannies around your home. Vacuuming in those hard to reach corners will disrupt webs and can help remove some of the spider and insects they prey on. When its cold and blustery outside, take the opportunity to do some of the deep cleaning that would be unbearable during the hot summer days.

Don’t forget that eliminating stacks of papers and clutter can also decrease the areas where spiders are able to hide.

2. Professional Spider Extermination

Another great way to control spider populations during the winter is to be proactive with exterminating the spiders. If you aren’t already on a spider maintenance program, consider having a spider treatment done in the Fall to prepare for the push indoors. This can help lower the number of spiders overwintering in the cracks and crevices of your home.

Ideally you want an application on the exterior to exterminate spiders as they try to enter your home (pictured below) as well as an interior application to address the spiders already in your home.