What to Expect with Stinging Insects in Denver, CO (and Ways to Solve Your Wasp Problem)

Every Year from April-September, we receive calls from homeowners concerned about the stinging insect population on their property. Activity typically peaks during the hot summer afternoons of July & August. The hotter the day the more activity is likely. As the season progresses and colonies become larger, the stinging insects tend to become more territorial. It is during this time that most homeowners will see the aggressive stinging behavior.

Some homeowners have visible nests along the soffit areas, while others have football sized nests in bushes and trees. Nests may also be located behind aluminum and vinyl siding, in the ground, in the cracks/crevices of tile roofs, or inside the soffit itself. In these cases, the nest is not visible but the activity is.

At times no nest is present, but the stinging insects are swarming trees. Linden trees are particularly susceptible to this stringing insect activity due to harboring aphids and other insects. Yellow jackets will swarm around these trees and scavenge for the aphids. If the trees are sprayed regularly by a pest control or tree maintenance company, this activity can be controlled.

If you plan to treat a stinging insect nest on your own, it is best to do so during the cool hours of the day. The workers of the colony are more likely to be inside of the nest during this time. Since most over-the-counter treatment options are considered “kill on contact,” it is ideal to treat when the majority of the colony is present.

We also recommend wearing protective clothing to minimize your chances of being stung. When you do choose to treat, use the element of surprise to your advantage, treat quickly and vacate the area.

Professional assistance may be necessary with large nests and/or in areas of high stinging insect population. Optimal control is obtained by performing professional preventative treatments that limit nest building activity during late-Spring and mid-Autumn. Licensed pest control applicators have access to products that cannot be purchased at your local hardware store. Each applicator is tested, licensed and approved by the State of Colorado regarding the use of these products. For more information or assistance with stinging insects in Denver, CO call Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control, INC at (303) 683-9283.