What to do When Rabbits Overtake your Denver, CO Lawn

With spring, April showers, and Easter come bunnies! You may have noticed a few more rabbits in your neighborhood over the last few weeks (and not the chocolate kind). Rabbit breeding season can begin as early as February and, with gestation periods of only 30 days, rabbits can populate quickly.

Girl petting a rabbit

While baby rabbits are cute and cuddly, they can quickly become a neighborhood nuisance. Adult and juvenile rabbits often eat fresh foliage in flower or vegetable gardens causing damage to your hard work. They can also create unsightly burrows and their urine can even leave brown spots in your lawn.

Rabbits like to live in sheltered area that offers protection from predators. They may create their burrows underneath of patios, porches, and decks. Cantilevers that are very low to the ground can also provide secluded habitat. Repairing and/or excluding those areas on your home is key to limiting the rabbit population on your property.

Man digging with mini excavatorFreshly dug trench beside a deckDeck after rabbit exclusion Backyard fence with rabbit exclusion mesh installed


Rabbits can quickly move from nuisance to unwelcome visitor when they enter your home. Openings in the foundation wall may lend access to the crawlspace or basement.

Crack between porch and foundation

Another area of concern is compromised cantilevers on the exterior of your home. A cantilever is typically found under a bay window and is the portion that extends beyond the main foundation line of the home. Some chimneys may have a cantilever as well. If the cantilever is not sealed appropriately or if the wood has rotted, animals (rabbits in this case) can enter the wall cavity and gain access to the ceiling space, wall cavity, crawlspace and potentially the main living space.

Cantilever next to porch

If rabbits gain access, it is important to remove them prior to repairing the area. Cantilevers should then be sealed with pressure treated wood to protect against moisture decay.

If rabbits have damaged your landscaping or have moved into your home (without signing a lease), call Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control, INC for professional advice and assistance. We care about offering quality solutions that will fit your situation. Whether its rabbit trapping & removal or rabbit exclusion, we are here to help.