Squirrels – The Sneaky Invaders of Your Home this Winter

It’s cold again…which means that squirrels are making an active push to get inside of homes in the Denver Metro Area. Recently our wildlife team encountered a squirrel that chose to live inside an old wall mounted air conditioning unit at a charming West Wash Park home.

Squirrel Living inside Air Conditioning Unit

Our office received a call after a new homeowner suspected animal activity at their home. They let our office know that they had recently purchased the home and were hearing scratching noises coming from inside a wall air conditioning unit. The homeowner reported that they had seen something furry through the slats in the air conditioner’s vents and could see some sticks and leaves indicating that something was living in the unit. Since most of the noises were heard during the day, our office staff and the homeowner agreed that the animal activity was most likely squirrels. Even though the homeowner indicated that the air conditioning unit was not used the squirrel needed to be removed, so our wildlife team was dispatched to the property.

When our wildlife inspector arrived onsite, he discussed the squirrel activity with the homeowner before starting a thorough inspection. It was evident from the inside of the home that a squirrel was living inside the air conditioning unit, but the question was how had it gotten there. To answer this question, our wildlife inspector started with identifying where the air conditioning unit exited the exterior wall of the home. He found that it had been installed in an old chimney chase and, despite the tight fit, found that the opening for the air conditioning unit was cut too large when the unit was originally installed. He could actually see the squirrel peaking out of the opening while he finished his inspection.

Since we were not able to physically reach the squirrel to remove it, our wildlife inspector temporarily closed the opening and installed a 1-way exit door for the squirrel. This allowed the squirrel to leave the unit without being physically harmed and prevented its return. Now the homeowner and squirrel can continue to live happy, separate lives!

As Winter progresses and snow storms continue, we expect to see more furry friends entering attics and walls to stay out of the elements. If you are hearing noises inside your home and think squirrels might be in your walls or attic, rely on the knowledge and expertise of the Whitmore Pest & Wildlife Control wildlife crew to remove the squirrels successfully.