Meet the “Beast” & Say Goodbye to Your Rodent or Animal Damaged Insulation

We recently purchased a Colorado made, state of the art insulation removal vacuum for our restoration services. This new addition helps us complete jobs more efficiently which means that you don’t have to listen to the noise/commotion for as long.

Insulation Removal Vacuum

Check out our team breaking out the “Beast” this week!

Jon is manning the insulation vacuum hose from inside the attic space.

Man Vacuuming Contaminated Insulation

We can remove insulation that has animal trails, nests or droppings – leaving a clean attic space ready for fresh insulation.

Contaminated Insulation in Attic SpaceAttic Space After Insulation Was Removed

Bradley is making sure that everything runs smoothly from the ground. The insulation removal vacuum deposits all the contaminated insulation into the large disposal bags so there is no mess or debris being carried through the home.

Insulation Vacuum and Disposal Bag

Jake and Wilson are unloading the fresh insulation that will be installed. Garrett (Jon’s son) dropped by for a quick visit to make sure the team stayed on track!

Man Carrying Fresh Bag of InsulationMan Carrying Bag of Insulation Over His Shoulder

You can’t go wrong with a great crew and solid equipment. If you are in need of animal damage repair or restoration services, give us call at (303) 683-9283. We are family owned/operated and ready to help!