Emergency Help for When Raccoons Enter Your Living Space (and Tips to Prevent Them from Entering Through Pet Doors)

Imagine waking up to rustling and banging in your bathroom. Or coming home from the gym to shower and discovering someone (or something) is already using it. Raccoons and other wildlife can become an unwelcome surprise when they enter your home.

Three Raccoons in Bathroom Medicine CabinetCheck out these raccoons. They gained access into a home through the pet door.

It may not cross your mind that pet doors can lend access to other creatures as well, but if your dogs and cats can fit through them so can wildlife. Not every creature will be interested in exploring your home in this manner, but rodents and raccoons see a pet door as a welcome invitation.

Here are a couple quick tips from our wildlife professionals:

  • When buying a pet door, check to make sure that it can be locked.
  • Remember to lock it nightly as most rodents and raccoons follow nocturnal patterns.
  • Avoid placing food directly inside of a pet door as the aroma can draw wildlife in.
  • Properly functioning double door models can exclude rodents better than single door models.


After checking out the indoor sights, they found the bathroom and shut themselves inside. Oops…

One raccoon sitting on bathroom shelf

In the process of exploring your home or trying to get back outside, raccoons can cause damage to your valuables and leave behind a trail of dirt and feces. These raccoons decided to ransack the bathroom during their visit.

Bathroom sink with raccoon feces and littered objects inside it. Bathroom toiletries and furniture dumped out and knocked over by raccoons.

Don’t let raccoons hijack your bathroom, save it for guests you have invited. Contact a wildlife removal professional if you suspect that you have wildlife inside your living space . Technicians are trained and equipped to address the situation in a manner that keeps your family safe.

Whether it’s the middle of the night or during business hours, many companies offer 24/7 emergency services to assist with these types of unexpected events.

Here are a few questions to ask when scheduling with a wildlife professional:

  • Ask if they can dispatch a technician immediately
  • Ask if there are any additional fees for emergency services
  • Ask if they can offer clean-up or disinfecting services