Vole Control 

 A blackish, brown vole with a pointy noise and black eyes.A system of tunnels and dead grass caused by vole damage

Voles are capable of damage much greater than their size suggests. Though they are small “mice-like” rodents, voles can destroy your lawn and bushes. They often create runways and burrows – uprooting any grass or plants in their way. During winter months, voles continue their destructive activity. They will eat bark and root systems, which may kill your bushes.

Voles often come in large populations. They have large litters several times each year, which leads to rapid growth. If you suspect vole presence, do not wait to take action.

Whitmore Pest Control technicians can identify vole damage and offer vole control and extermination solutions to protect your home. We also offer service plans to control the rodent population and guard against further damage.


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