Rat Control

 A large rat sitting on a wooden beam inside a homeA pack rat's hoard of dog food and objects under a kitchen cupboard

Norway rats and roof rats are the most common types of rats in Colorado. They live and thrive in cities, suburbs, and open spaces – putting them in close contact with your home. They can invade your property to hoard food and find shelter. Due to their intelligence, rats can elude capture by being cautious when new objects are introduced into their environment. If a new “food source” makes them sick, rats will warn others in the colony. Because of this, rats can evade many consumer rodent products.

Below are a few signs of a rat infestation:

-Gnaw marks

-Large droppings

-Hearing activity in attic/walls

Once rats invade your home, they quickly reproduce. Whitmore Pest Control exterminators will assess if you have a rat colony and provide a quality solution. We bait or trap to exterminate and offer exclusion services to protect against further encounters.

What our customers are saying:

“Whitmore Pest Control is the Best!

I had a lot of pest issues with my new home – bats, rats and mice. I researched all pest control companies in my area and found that Whitmore by far seemed to offer me the best option…..and I was more than satisfied. They were timely, responsible, reasonably priced and gave incredibly thorough and knowledgeable service. They spent lots of time with me, helping me find a way to deal with my pest issues in a way that I felt was most humane to the animals and safe for my pets. I can’t imagine using any other company in the future and will definitely encourage my friends to do the same.”

-Gina Gerken G. of Castle Pines Village, CO

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