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 Two raccoons sitting in metal cage traps

Raccoons are common urban pests, often drawn to grubs in the lawn and trash for food. They may use chimneys, attics, and deck areas to nest and reproduce. If left unchecked their grip on your property only grows. They may search your home for potential entry points – using pet doors as access to scavenge for food.

Below are signs of raccoon presence:

-Ripped wood around your deck or home

-Climbing or scratching noises in your chimney

-Seeing raccoons cross your lawn

Whitmore Pest Control is prepared to handle any raccoon challenge you may be experience. Our technicians are ready to assess the situation and offer a solution. We can remove an individual or family of raccoons by live trapping or manual extraction when necessary. We follow up by offering professional repair services to protect again further intrusions. We also offer restoration services to remove raccoon feces and disinfect against diseases.

What our customers are saying:

“Absolutely the best!

Whitmore Pest Control called me right away after I called, came out when they said they would, removed 7 raccoons from the soffit of my home and charged a reasonable rate! I couldn’t have expected any more! Thank you!”

-Duke F. of Castle Rock, CO

“Quick, friendly, professional, affordable

… and available on Memorial Day! Thanks for taking care of our raccoon problem!”

-Laurie of Aurora, CO

For trustworthy and professional Raccoon Control call: (303) 683-9283