Rabbit Control 

 A live rabbit trapped in a metal cage.

Are rabbits intruding your beautiful lawn and gardens? They may not pose a threat to you or your pets, but they can cause significant damage. Rabbits may feast on your lush grass and beautiful flowers during summer months. They will also chew the tender bark of trees or scrubs when green foliage is not available.

Rabbit populations can grow quickly as the gestation period is 1 month and females can become pregnant immediately after giving birth. In areas of significant population, rabbits may see shelter under your patio, deck or shed. Rabbits may burrow under these areas or chew through lattice to establish a den.

Whitmore Pest Control technicians are prepared to help. We are able to locate rabbit entry points and offer live trapping and rabbit removal services through the Denver Metro area. In addition, we can provide exclusion services to repair burrows and prevent further intrusions.

What our customers are saying:

“Quick, humane and professional removal of rabbits. thanks!

Marvin of Whitmore communicated well, worked quickly and set the traps for our rabbit den perfectly. As soon as the rabbit was caught, Marvin was able to remove it humanely within about an hour of my call. Thanks!”

-Doug of Englewood, CO


Marvin came out to our house (an hour away) when we called him at 11:30 at night on Christmas Eve! We had a rabbit loose in our basement. He was polite and efficient. I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

-Tammi S. of Aurora, CO

For trustworthy and professional Rabbit Control call: (303) 683-9283