Mouse Control


Mice may seem small and harmless, but they are a serious threat to your home or business. They can enter through very small openings and crevices along the perimeter carrying many unwanted germs with them. Visit to read about the diseases transmitted by rodents.

Below are a few signs of a mice infestation:

-Gnaw marks

-Mouse droppings

-Hearing scratching or running activity in attic & walls

-Seeing mice in your home

If you are looking for quality mouse control services, call Whitmore Pest Control. Our technicians will assess your individual needs and provide a quality solution. We bait or trap to exterminate mice and offer service plans to protect against further encounters. Check out our Animal Damage Repair for more information on our exclusion and restoration services!

What our customers are saying:

“Whitmore Pest Control is the Best!

I had a lot of pest issues with my new home – bats, rats and mice. I researched all pest control companies in my area and found that Whitmore by far seemed to offer me the best option…..and I was more than satisfied. They were timely, responsible, reasonably priced and gave incredibly thorough and knowledgeable service. They spent lots of time with me, helping me find a way to deal with my pest issues in a way that I felt was most humane to the animals and safe for my pets. I can’t imagine using any other company in the future and will definitely encourage my friends to do the same.”

-Gina Gerken G. of Castle Pines Village, CO

“Great Service!

Whitmore Pest Control really helped me solve a mice problem in my house. They came out the same day I call and inspected the exterior of my property and then reviewed with me their plan. They emailed me a detailed estimate that same afternoon! Then, they came out the very next day to complete the service in their proposal. I felt like they were professional and very helpful. Having them seal my house gave me a lot of peace of mind and I’m so glad I called them.”

-Laura B. of Denver, CO

“Would highly recommend for mice control

We had a small mouse problem in the house. Marvin came out and in only a couple of trips had them all under control. He was priced competitively and definitely knew what he was talking about as we appear to have gotten the last of the critters!”

-Steve C. of Denver, CO

“Excellent service

Excellent, friendly service. Right on time. I can’t review the results yet – they just set baits outside for the mice yesterday – but they certainly seem to know their stuff!”

-Lindsey M. of Larkspur, CO

For trustworthy and professional Mice Control call: (303) 683-9283