Blue Bottle Fly resting on counter top

Flies can spread germs and bacteria that can cause illness when they land on the surfaces in and around your home or business.

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Flies may not be the most common pest encountered in the Denver Metro area, but they can cause quite a nuisance. Whether it is one fly or many, the buzz can be an unpleasant sound and an uncomfortable experience for homeowners & their guests or businesses & their clientele. Blow Flies, Cluster Flies, House Flies, Fungus Gnats, and Fruit Flies are the types of flies that we treatment most frequently.


Blow Flies typically live and breed outdoors, but may venture inside as the weather turns colder in the Fall. Blow Flies may also be seen where there is a deceased animal in or near the structure that the flies are able to breed on. For example, Blow Fly maggots may fall from light fixtures when an animal has died in the attic space above. The fastest way to handle this occurrence is the remove the carcass and disinfect the area.