Denver Skunk Removal

 A skunk live trapped in a metal cage

What is that smell? Could it be a family of skunks? You do not need to see those stripes to know you have an unwanted intruder. The pungent odor marks a skunk’s territory.

While skunks are most active during twilight, they prefer to spend their days in burrows. Is your deck or shed the perfect skunk hideout? Skunks will burrow under these structures to make a home and reproduce. During mating season, skunks are more active and may release musk to mark their territory.

Use caution if you suspect skunk presence. They will spray if frightened and will attack if cornered. Due to potential rabies transmission, contact your local health department if you are bitten.

Whitmore Pest Control offers expert skunk removal. Our technicians will inspect for potential skunk dwellings and can offer live trapping to remove skunks from your property. We are also able follow-up with quality exclusion services to prevent further intrusions.

What our customers are saying:

“Like a horse whisperer with our skunk!

We got a skunk caught in our squirrel trap last night. This happened to us once last year, and we tried to solve the problem ourselves, stinking up our whole neighborhood. Not this time. Marvin arrived 45 minutes after getting my call, and very calmly and patiently handled the problem. He obviously knew what he was doing. I had called a whole list of pest removers and only found one other that was willing, and they wanted almost twice as much $$. I know now who to call first next time. Super nice guy….”

-Sue A. of Denver, CO

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